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Dr. Charles Morgan is a 2000 graduate from the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  He worked in south Lincoln for 2 years at Williamsburg Veterinary Hospital and then served as a staff veterinarian at the Animal Emergency Clinic, P.C.  Dr. Morgan opened the Morgan Pet Clinic, P.C. in October of 2003, and has loved meeting the pets and families that have come to the clinic.  He is married to Sarah, and they have five children.  They are daughters Jules and Kiera, and sons Charlie, Ben, and Jon.  He has a Golden Retriever named Major and a border collie named Rosie.  The Morgan family is also the proud owner of Hampton Ridge Equestrian Center in Elkhorn/Gretna.  Dr. Morgan also enjoys keeping bees, playing hockey, and watching his kids ride Hunter/Jumper and play hockey.  


Dr. Kayla Clark was born and raised in Millard, NE.  Her parents both taught for Millard Public Schools.  She attended Millard West High School where she played on the volleyball team and threw shot put for the track team.  During the "off season", she also played for Nebraska Elite Volleyball Club.  She attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and graduated from college in 2006.  Following college she worked part-time at a veterinary clinic as assistant.  Dr. Clark went to Veterinary School at Kansas State University and graduated in May 2010.  She joined the Morgan Pet Clinic in June 2010 and is excited to be back in Millard, close to family and friends.  She currently lives with her ginormous Labrador, Rhade, and two cats, Hewey and Dewey.   Dr. Clark is married to good guy Joel and she has a beautiful daughter, Olivia.



Cody Goforth, L.V.T. is our Head Technician.  She loves dentistry!  Cody enjoys working out in her spare time and has a cat named Steve.  As you can see by her picture though, her passion is folding towels.  

Lori Gilmore has been grooming for over 20 years.  She has been the full time groomer at the Morgan Pet Clinic for 9 years.  Lori has a parrot named Snickers and a boyfriend named Tom.  In her free time, Lori likes to put on the leathers and take her Harley out for a ride. 

Andrea Stowell, L.V.T. has been with the clinic for two years.  She has a very cute daughter, Leah and a plethora of dogs and cats.  Her Weimaraner Magnum is a blood donor and has saved several lives with his generosity.  Thank You Magnum!  Andrea is also a Harley motorcycle lover, and tries to spend time in Sturgis, S.D. every year.  Andrea brings compassion and humor to our clinic and makes our working day a lot of fun.  She has a boyfriend Troy, who speaks six languages, has a degree in accounting, and saved the lives of 274 women and children by diffusing a bomb, while blindfolded (just because he can), at a local fitness center.  He then continued to work on his Abs, which are glorious.  

Dana Bryant, L.V.T has been with us for over a year.  She has a daughter, Siera, as well as dogs and cats.  She has a strong interest in Herpetology, and keeps several Geckos.  Dana is an incredibly hard worker and is very detail oriented.  She is a fantastic addition to our staff.  

Rheid Isom is a Veterinary Assistant/receptionist.  She has been with us for over two years.  She has a Beagle named Charlie and a husband named Harley.  Rheid has an amazing head of hair and she is very compassionate.  Rheid can walk and chew gum at the same time.  No kidding.  

Katherine Weigand is also a Veterinary Assistant/receptionist.  She has a 30 year old horse, named Eve and she is engaged to be married to former marine Ryan (Semper Fi).  Katherine has never been to Karate Class.  But she is studying to be a Veterinary technician!  She and Rheid both enjoy the smell of bleach.  

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